Foot Orthotics are certified orthopaedic devices to correct lower limb kinetic chain deficiencies. They help change and / or control biomechanical forces on the feet. At Promax3 Orthotics we are experts in foot orthotic fitting and fabrication techniques. We ensure the best solution for our clients needs.  

Each orthotic is custom-designed and created to meet the biomechanical and lifestyle needs of the client. 
Questions & Answers

Who needs Orthotics??

Most people from a wide range of ages can benefit from custom manufactured orthotics. Some common symptoms suggesting orthotics would be beneficial are: Overall foot pain, Arch or heel pain, knee and or back pain, bunions or hammer toe. Even hip and back pain may be signs of requiring orthotics. 

Do I need a prescription from my doctor for Orthotics.

If you have extended medical coverage and you are planning on using it to cover the cost or partial cost of orthotics most medical plans require that you obtain a prescription from your family doctor. This prescription will have to be sent to insurance provider with invoice for Orthotics and your gait analysis with proof of payment and receipt to qualify to receive your benefits. 

Is there a break in period when I get my new orthotics??

Yes, as your feet and body are not accustomed to Orthotics you will be required to break them in over a period of time.  The orthotics may feel uncomfortable initially as you adjust.  We suggest that the following be done. Day 1 - 1 hour with new Orthotics,  Day 2- 2 hours of usage, Day 3- 3 hours of usage and so on.  If you find your still uncomfortable slow the process down by adding additional day before extending the time wearing orthotics. We suggest breaking the orthotics over a 2 week period before wearing them for athletic activities. 

When should I wear my Orthotics??

Wearing your orthotics all the time will benefit you the most. If your daily routine requires different levels of activity and footwear we suggest moving the orthotics from shoe to shoe or getting additional orthotics to accommodate your lifestyle.  

How can I clean my Orthotics. 

We recommend cleaning with dish cloth and warm water when required. A mild dish soap can be used then rinsed with warm water. 

Question: Will orthotics help me with my athletic activities like Hockey or Golf??

Orthotics will re-align your lower kinetic chain allowing your muscles to perform at their optimal level and help prevent injury and reduce long term wear and tare on your knees, hips and back.  

Process for Orthotics fitting

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1. Referral from medical professional. (Must contain diagnosis i.e.. patient requires custom orthotics for over pronation)

2. Initial assessment: A certified Pedorthist will review the client’s physical requirements and lifestyle needs to design the most appropriate orthotics.

3. An in-depth gait scan will be performed. The sophisticated findings from this assessment will be utilized to ensure the best possible orthotic is manufactured for our clients needs.

4. An imprint of our patient’s foot will be taken to allow for a detailed 3d imaging allowing for the highest quality and most accurate foot orthotic manufacturing at our state of the art laboratory.

5. An orthotic fitting appointment is scheduled for approximately three weeks from the time of the initial assessment. During these three weeks the custom orthotics are manufactured to specifications. Please remember to bring appropriate foot wear to the fitting appointment.

6. During the Orthotic Fitting Appointment: Custom orthotics are fit to the client. The client’s comfort and performance while using the orthotics is evaluated by one of our certified Pedorthists and any adjustments are made at this time. In some complex cases, it is necessary to have a second fitting appointment to allow enough time to complete the adjustments.

7. The client will then use the orthotics in daily life and complete a “break-in” period (approximately 2 – 4 weeks). A follow-up appointment can be made at this point, if required.

8. Further adjustments for comfort and performance are made at the follow-up appointment. Following these refinements, the orthotics are considered complete and full use of the devices can ensue.

9. Review and maintenance. Orthotics should be reviewed at least annually to ensure the comfort, performance, and maintenance of the devices. Clients are also encouraged to schedule return visits at any time to optimize the orthotics.