Braces are orthopaedic appliances, worn on the body, that are used to change and / or control the biomechanical forces of limbs and spine.   At Promax3 we provide what we feel are the best manufactured braces in conjunction with knowledgeable staff in selection and fitting of custom and off the shelf devices.  

Braces can be used for the treatment of a number of symptoms and disorders such as:

    •ACL knee injury
    •Carpal tunnel syndrome
    •Simple strain or deep sprain
    •Post Operative
    •and much more.....

At Promax3 our professional staff will measure, fit and select the correct brace for our customers needs. We pride ourselves in offering what we feel are the best bracing solutions possible.

Also offered are:

    •Cold therapy solutions
    •Rehabilitation equipment and supplies
    •Home Therapy kits
    •Antimicrobial wound dressing and first aid supplies

Come in and let one of our professional staff fit you with the correct Custom or off the shelf brace solutiuon